Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jagdish Ki Report :: Punjabi Flavour in London Olympic - 2012

Clad in all-white apparel and a matching white turban, the sprightly, 101 years old  Fauja  Singh carried the torch of London Olympic accompanied by hundreds of admirers, including Sikhs with yellow T-shirts bearing Singh's image, who hailed him every moment of the distance he travelled.
Born in Punjab in 1911, Fauja Singh came to the United Kingdom to stay with his son Sukhjinder Singh  in 1992. He began running at the age of 86 to keep himself occupied and ran his first marathon at the age of 89. Fauja Singh has since completed nine marathons - six in London, two in Toronto, where he set eight track records, and one in New York.
Hundreds of Sikhs organised a 'langar' at 16 points along the torch relay route to celebrate Fauja Singh's efforts.
United Sikhs, the charity organisation that organised the 'langar', distributed thousands of 'roti rolls' along the torch relay route. The 'langar' was held to "celebrate the wonderful achievements of this under-spoken treasure of the Sikh community", organisers said.