Saturday, August 11, 2012

Jagdish Ki Report :: Seasons of Sequels in Bollywood.

 Bollywood industry is now a days busy in making part 2’s & part 3’s. The entire industry seems to be seized with the sequels. Bollywood has finally joined with hollywood in the business of making sequels. Industry is adopting it as a tradition of making a continuation or an extension to the former ones.
Sequels have become hot subjects these days, as they are spelling out big business to the movie makers. The trend is continuing that, if the first part (Original) movie is doing really well at the box office, immediately the film-makers are planning for its sequel. Movies are coming up at faster rate.
It is no more a surprise these days that the sequel to the movies is planned even before the prequels are hitting the big screens. It’s worth mentioning that the conclusions to the stories are being kept open ended in the scripts, hence ensuring that there is enough scope to make a sequel.
By utilizing the brand value of the prequels, film makers are coming up with the extended scripts to the parent movies while, the characters and the cast remains same as in the prequels.